About Us

One of the best accounting firms in Singapore

Since our inception in 2011, OA has established its presence in the corporate community as a firm of Chartered Accountants and Certified Public Accountants under the name of Singapore Corporate Services, which focus on providing the clients with the accounting services of audit, tax, accounting and corporate advisory, etc.

Completed our recent positioning and restructuring in 2016, we have adopted the new mark, refined the professional services, and the two companies were included in the OA International Group, collectively called “OA”.


The Power of Strategic Partnership

We share your ambitions and specialize in uncovering opportunities that create long-term value for you. And we firmly believe in the importance of mutual benefit on the premise of not effecting our own independence. Our most valuable asset is your trust. With the development of ASEAN Trade Area and the policy of the Belt and Road in the Asian countries since 2015, we boldly predict that Nanning, which is appointed to be the ASEAN window city by China, is going to play a great role in the new economy tide and we started the layout of Nanning since 2016 and set up our Nanning office, which represents that OA International Group has expanded beyond.


Brand Story

The OA Logo is a symbol that is made up of a few significances.

The lighter blue depicts an “O”, and the darker blue an “A” that is made up of two strong pillars that signifies the strong collaboration between the Company (OA) and its trusted Clients.

Light blue symbolizes fluidity; flexibility and dark blue stands for profound stability.

With the company’s vision of being the distinguished brand that companies around the South-east Asian region look to partner with, the symbol reflects that of an “O” circling around “A”SEAN.

The OA symbol is also a representation of the Chinese character -- 亞(东盟)