GST (also known as Value-Added Tax or VAT in other countries) is one of the main source of income for the government, rivalling to that of the corporate income tax FY2014.

With various schemes and policies in place, it is a pipe dream for entities with complex business transaction to manage tax efficiently without the presence of a specialist.

Our group of specialists have ample experience and provide insight about GST matters. Hence, we believe that by engaging us, you would be able to gain efficiency in management on GST matters.

Our GST services includes assisting you in:

  • Application of compulsory and volunteer GST for companies
  • Filling of GST and GST return
  • Application of exception from GST registration
  • Preparation for voluntary disclosure for wrongful collection of GST
  • Charging and claiming of GST
  • Preparation for registration such as group and divisional registration
  • Dealing with tax authority’s (IRAS) enquiries
  • GST Assisted Self-help Kit (ASK) Review
  • IRAS GST investigation

We are adept at indirect tax matters, hence we are confident in assisting you with handling with the IRAS, giving compliance aid or advisory based on the lavish experienced on GST issue.