Personal Income Tax are tax imposed on you based on your annual income. You must file your income tax annually with IRAS unless your company is participating in the Auto-Inclusion Scheme (AIS) for Employment Income.

Globalisation has rapidly changed business models over the last few decades, where businesses require enhanced mobility of manpower. It is not unusual to see employers or partners travelling to different tax jurisdictions for jobs or relocation, especially so for a service hub such as Singapore and vice versa.

We can assist you or your company in the dreary work of the obligation towards personal taxation and planning of overseas assignment. Our specialists are able to effectively manage your personal tax matters.

Our Personal Income Tax services for individual / corporates includes:

  • Preparation of income tax refunds and tax computations
  • Preparation of returns of employees’ remuneration and tax clearance
  • Tax equalisation hypothetical tax
  • Assist to respond to queries from IRAS
  • Application for voluntary disclosures of past tax errors due to negligence
  • Tax planning and advisory for both start-ups and existing companies

Our teams are cordial and meticulous, hence we feel that we are able to produce services that meet up to your expectation.