Business Valuation

Business and Intangible Assets Valuation

Placing a value on your business provides a variety of benefits, be it selling your business or operating it. It is always benefitting to determine your business’s value, be it to avoid potential financial or legal problem or using it to your advantage.

Intangible assets are also part of the company’s worth, but are often neglected due to the absence of valuation. Some of the intangible assets include:

  • Business Contracts
  • Technology & Software Application
  • Branding
  • Copyrights
  • Domain Names and Websites
  • Customer Relationships
  • Options, warrants, grants and rights
  • Goodwill

In the rise of the technological sector, especially when the nature of your business is dealing with intangible assets such as software development, it can make a huge impact to your company to attract potential investors when you properly place a value on your software.